Ham Story

Novice to Extra

I first became a ham at the age of 15 when I passed my Novice test. Nine month later I passed the General and a month later the Advanced class. Twenty two years later the Extra class. I always loved experimenting and tinkering more than talking. But as a Novice I got my Rag chewing certificate. Later I was on 160 meters and used to talk to K9FH for sometimes up to 24 hours in a row.

Most of my life I lived in the Chicago area and worked as a software engineer. Until 2019 when I retired to Prescott Valley to pursue those many unfinished projects!

One of my sons followed in my footsteps and got his Technician license at age 10! A few years later at age 13 he passed his General. He like me loved projects more than people. He is into mechanical things and Software and enjoys 3D Printing. He made the Binaural Ears for me!


Now I work on things I want to work on and when I want to do them. Many times that's more that the 9-5 hours I used to have. I use this site to share projects and ideas I enjoyed over the years. I hope you find them informative, useful and fun. Most of the stuff is free, The software is free, and I sell some PCB's in small handfuls to pay for the cost of the website.

I dabble in Stock trading and back testing concepts, Photography, Computer languages, Python, C#, C/C++, Java, MySQL, PHP, and iOT things like Raspberry Pi, and ES32.

Amateur (Ham) Radio Projects
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