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Last updated April 22, 2022

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After weeks of research and looking at Creality, Anycubic and Prusa and many others. I purchased a Prusa Mini+

It just works. It's a lot like printing a PDF on an Ink Printer, send a file and it looks like it should. The Prusa Mini+ 3D Printer is similar, send the file and wait a bit longer (minutes to an hour) and it looks like it should. I know a smart engineer who has a non Prusa and he has a high level of fustration with it. I know a Prusa owner that thew out their China 3D printer. Prusa works perfectly every time. I am happy with my decision.

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The best home 3D printer of 2021

The JAR Handle 24 hours of printing

My longest 24 hour 44 minute print

Thingiverse Vacuum 1.25 to 2.25 hose adapter

Low profile cost effective vacuum hose adapter. Many workshop tools have a 2.25 inch vacuum hose adapter and most vacuum have 1.25 inch hoses. This has a large 2.25 outside diameter that will fit into a 2.25 inch hole as on the Wen Sander. The inside small hole is for a 1.25 inch hose on the shop vacuum cleaner. this was modeled in MS 3D Builder. Printed on a Prusa Mini+ with PETG filament from California filament. I kept the Z height low profile, You can scale Z higher if needed depending on you applications.


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See Prusa 3D Research

My longest 24 hour print

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