QRK: What is the intelligibility of my signal?

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#ArrowTX BeaconMap TXHeard byFrequencyGMTRSTMap RXMiles
1PlotWB9RAA34.61491,-112.32396EA4BAS14.047.4702021-10-17 17:41:0059940.47900,-3.375005,560
2PlotWB9RAA34.61491,-112.32396K9FH14.047.4702021-10-20 15:01:0012941.95300,-87.966001,409
3PlotWB9RAA34.61491,-112.32396N8CDW14.047.4702021-10-18 19:00:0059942.30800,-89.001001,364
4PlotWB9RAA34.61491,-112.32396N8CDW14.047.4702021-10-18 07:00:0059942.30800,-89.001001,364
5PlotWB9RAA34.61491,-112.32396WA9POK14.047.4702021-10-17 23:43:0059933.23000,-96.72500899
6PlotWB9RAA34.61491,-112.32396WA9POK14.047.4702021-10-17 23:41:0059833.23000,-96.72500899
7PlotWB9RAA34.61491,-112.32396K9FH14.047.4702021-09-20 14:21:0059941.95300,-87.966001,409

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Date: September 18, 2021
Author: Ed March, WB9RAA
Prescott Valley, AZ
Project: WB9RAA QRK What is the intelligibility of my signal?
Last Updated: Sept. 26, 2021

The QRK Beacon

Since Mid-September I have been transmissting a CW beacon at 20-25 WPM on 40 30 20 and 17 meters. I am Transmitting on 7.047.47 and/or 10.147.47 and/or 14.047.47 and/or 21.047.47 with 50 watts in to a Dipole or Vertical antenna, six times an hour. At these times HH:MM:SS
where HH is from 5am thru 8pm Arizon time or UTC-7 HH is noon 12:01:00 thru 03:43:00 UTC
9-20-2021 heard in Dallas, TX, Glenview, Wood Dale and Rockford Illinois

Did you ever wonder how far your Ham Radio signal gets and where it can be received? Well I have, and I have a proposal that needs a few volunteers and some donations. I received my first several donations 2021-09-18 !

There are many SDR's on the web that can be operated openly and freely. I have used these to see if my test signal can be heard.

I propose an automated receive system, that would listen on preset frequencies and log the stations and signals to a website. Each receiver (probably a SDR radio) would listen one of the proposed frequencies, initially only during certain hours. These are the
[+] Proposed Frequencies [-] Collapse
  • 1.847.470
  • 3.547.470
  • 7.047.470
  • 14.047.470
  • 18.074.470
  • 21.047.470
  • 24.947.470
  • 28.047.470
  • 50.047.470
  • 144.047.470
  • 222.047.470
  • 432.047.470
  • 902.047.470

The Transmitting ham would send a CW signal as QRK?QRV/QRK?.DE.WB9RAA.WB9RAA.QRT

When the listening station hears the initial preamble QRK?QRV/QRK?. and the callsign received twice it can then log the Station heard time of day and signal report and some details on receiving equipment.

I am maintaining a WEB MySQL database and grant KEYS to trusted receivers with fixed IP's to log their entries into the database.

The database would keep records for 6 months to a year days perhaps longer depending on activity and record sizes. The RX stations would have some location such as Longitude/Latitude or Grid numbers.

If the RX has multiple receive copies they should use the strongest signal.

If I could convince W1AW to send the QRK?QRV/QRK?.DE.W1AW.W1AW.QRT Pattern once a day this then they too could be plotted on a world wide map!

To get started We need 5 receiving stations on a common frequency. Would be nice to have an (1) Easter (2) Western (3) Northern (4) Southern and (5) Central stations who could receive decode and Post their data to my website.
I am working on Open Source ESP32 Code to control two radios with 4N35 opto isolators. Configureable with Serial port and Webpage. Next steps are a WEB API for php and MySQL, so other SDR can post their hearings. Please consider a One time $5 donation Thanks to Miguel in Spain and Carl and Kellyann in the US for being the first several donors.

I am a retired Software engineer with web database and embedded skills to make this happen. Each station could use an inexpensive Raspberry Pi and decode RTTY,PSK31, CW for starters. Initially I'd like to use the easiest modes to get the system in use.

Comments please...

Email me wb9raa
(at) gmx (dot) com

73, Ed March from Prescott Valley, AZ