Freeware Apps for your Desktop

I am a retired software engineer who is giving a little something back to the community. These are not open source but are Freeware apps for your enjoyment. Feel free to distribute them to your friends and other website as you please. All the Apps are Ad free and no registration is required. All are for 64 bit Windows. Enjoy!

Thank you in advance

Other Apps Below

CSS Panel Designer


A visual CSS layout designer with CDN loaders for popualr CSS Styles and JS frameworks. Get a website design started visually in a quick way. It generates CSS and HTML code based on GUI control settings. Rfresh in broswer to See view WYSIWYG. Allows user include files.

File Watcher


Drag and drop a list of files for the FileWatcher to monitor the modified date/time. When a file has changed you can secure copit it or ftp it to a remote computer and run a remote build. This allows you to edit files on your windows machine with you favorite editor and tools and build it on a Linux system.

Lazzy Lazer


This app allows you to cut a shape outline with a Margin or a Hull surrounded area. It can be used as a laser Etch and Cut, or on a CNC machine to cut along border. Simply place the Etch and Cut in the appropriate layers. You can also use this for 3D printing by extruding a base from the Hull Or Contour and plasing the image n top of it. Many uses for Desktop publishing and general graphics. Think out side the graphics box.

Professor Vector


This is a app for designing patterns and shapes and usingthe generted DXF files for you 3D Printer, Laser and/or CNC machine. Ever want a plastic part to fit over wood? DXF files could be the answer, they import into all three and what you see is what you get. It's the PDF of the design layout world.

Tidy File Cron Man


So many times months sometimes years later I find these temporary files laying around. Some or text files I used to compose an email, or recently a scanned image of some a contest my wife entered. Well now I can Tidy Up right after making these files. I right click add teh file to be deleted maybe a week or month later. A daily Cron job will run and scan through the list and clean up at a later date.

If you find these Apps useful and would like to send me a one time gift, I'd be grateful.

Thank you in advance